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Corporate law

Corporate law

Corporation is a unique invention of modern civilization. For an active and reasonable businessperson a corporation is an instrument that from one hand allows personalizing his own investment, and, on the other hand, to separate the risks associated with such an investment from the investor's personal assets and from his other projects. In fact, the number of independent entities to be created by an investor may be unlimited.

Meanwhile, the creation of certain corporate structures in some occasions may be associated with the risk of loss of operational control over the resources of the corporations. For more than fifteen years of practice Vasko Law Firm gained experience in various fields of law; that allows us to offer individualized corporate structures that precisely meet the actual needs of a client in context of corporate law itself, as well as in context of taxation, litigation, marital and family, labor and other related practical aspects.

Keeping our hands on the pulse of changes in Ukrainian legislation that are permanent, as well as constantly analyzing the actual international trends of corporate governance, deoffshorization, veil of incorporation, we are ready to offer a completely individual compliance programs, as well as individual corporate structuring.

Our expertise has already proven its efficiency in the widest range of industries, including agro-sector, banks, professional capital market participants, oil and gas industry, IT, industrial production, production of beverages and food, retailers, developers, operators of commercial real estate, etc.

We are ready to offer the following services in the field of corporate law:

Incorporation of various types of entities and SPVs;

Reorganization and liquidation of various types of entities and SPVs;

Creating optimal corporate structures;

Creating optimal tax structures for business;

Designing and implementing of compliance programs;

Designing and implementing of individual solutions on corporate control;

Designing and implementing of complex measures against hostile takeovers (anti-raider actions);

Due diligence of structures operated by a client;

Due diligence of corporate structures for mergers and acquisitions;

Succession and inheritance planning.

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