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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions secure the emerging development of almost all branches of the economy, as they are the main source of growth and upscaling of business – money. Banks, credit unions, investment funds, insurance companies – all of them secure access to capital resources, their prompt circulation between different business industries and consumers.

Given the extensive experience in providing legal assistance to a wide range of industries, as well as our comprehensive expertise, “Vasko” Law Firm has a successful track record of servicing banking, insurance and other financial institutions, including the largest international investment funds.

For more than a decade of successful legal practice in the financial sector, “Vasko” Law Firm has gained experience in legal support for the purchase and sale of banking institutions, support for the activities of international investment funds and other financial institutions.

“Vasko” Law Firm offers the following services:

Designing and implementing of compliance programs;

Legal support for all types of transactions related to financial institutions, including fund-raising and asset management arrangements;

Legal support of the activities of financial institutions at all stages of their life cycle – from incorporation to liquidation;

Designing all types of master agreements;

Advising on structuring and managing of labor resources;

Advising the clients of financial institutions on wealth management, etc.

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