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Traditionally, trade is a very attractive industry for entrepreneurs of all scales. The core feature of trade as a tool for the permanent exchange of goods is the high turnover of cash, and hence a rapid increase in gross income.

In addition, in order to succeed in trading for a reasonable entrepreneur, it is important to take into account the significant risks that can hinder the dynamic development. These are issues related to logistics, import and export, storage, transportation, certification, distribution, and rental or constructing retail facilities.

Attorneys at “Vasko” Law Firm have accumulated considerable experience of legal assistance in the implementation of trade projects for more than fifteen years. Typically, our involvement includes corporate and tax planning, legal support for building retail networks, structuring export and import operations, working with distributors, and more.

“Vasko” Law Firm provides the following services:

Corporate structuring;

Tax planning;

Structuring of export and import operations;

Designing master-contracts of all types;

Advising on antimonopoly and competition legislation;

Resolution of disputes of all types of complexity;

Issues related to the protection of consumer rights, etc.

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