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Real estate

Real estate

Land is a limited resource, which leads to a high level of regulation of legal relationships related to its turnover and use. At the same time, land is involved in a wide range of private and commercial relations. Agriculture, housing and commercial development, the placement of production and transport infrastructure, and mining – all these areas of activity should consider the legal regime of land use.

The profound knowledge of legal regulation of land relations and real estate during fifteen years of practice has allowed us to successfully implement dozens of large-scale projects in the agricultural sector, construction, commercial real estate management, recreational and transport infrastructure. Our feature is the understanding of business logic and the commercial component of each project. That is why our advice is always provided with the consideration to the practical needs of the Client.

Choosing Vasko Law Firm as your legal advisor you will receive highly qualified assistance on the following issues:

Due diligence of land banks and real estate objects;

Structuring investments and determining the volume of investments;

Purchase and alienation of all types of real estate;

Establishing joint ventures with foreign and Ukrainian investors for operations with land and other real estate;

Real estate management (real estate operation and maintenance);

Property management (between owners and business operators, e.g. hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.);

Comprehensive lease agreements for all types of real estate;

Litigation, including encumbrance release, foreclosure of a mortgage;

Designing and implementing complex individualized solutions for protection from hostile takeovers, etc.

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