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We do not normally name our Clients in terms of confidentiality. However, as our Clients are aware of and rely on our talents, high standard of excellence and creativity, our track record of success in a wide variety of practice areas and industries will stand for itself. We will name only the part of most significant here:

  • Advising a major world elevator and host producer on tax structuring, corporate and labor issues;
  • Advising a Top-5 transnational Agricultural holding on raid protection; successful defense of the latter in courts of various regions in eastern and central Ukraine;
  • Advising a major European Agricultural holding on raid protection; successful defense of the latter in courts of various regions of western Ukraine;
  • Advising a major British investment fund on the continuous debt restructurings for the sums over USD 43 million;
  • Advising a Ukrainian investment bank with foreign investments on the structuring and acquisition of the European defaulted debt securities and multinational nettings and setting-offs issues. The aggregate values of such projects above USD 10 million. Successful defence all of such structures and transactions in foreign and Ukrainian courts;
  • Advising a group of Ukrainian investors on multibillion acquisition and structuring of operations of the biggest Ukrainian heat producer and distributor in Ukraine, etc.;
  • Advising a major American Investment Fund on USD 25 million agricultural land lease structuring and acquisition in Ukraine;
  • Advising two major American Investment Funds on establishing and operation of USD 100 million real estate investment fund in Ukraine;
  • Advising a Russian Oil Group on USD 2 billion structuring of operations in Ukraine, retail and tolling arrangements, tax planning and other issues;
  • Advising a European Private investor on USD 6.5 million successful acquisition of pharmaceutical network in Ukraine and its further consolidation;
  • Advising a European Bank on the successful acquisition of a Ukrainian bank;
  • Advising a British investment company on the first Ukrainian USD 80 million corporate bond default and recovery through;
  • Advising an American investment fund on the first Ukrainian USD 35 million municipal bond default and recovery;
  • Advising a state company on the multibillion swap of claims against state guaranteed oil supplies and reserves backed by debt securities;
  • Advising world’s leading electronic producer on distribution structures and trade issues through;
  • Advising Ukrainian enterprises and foreign representative offices on optimization of tax structures, securities issues (promissory notes, bills of exchange, bonds, shares, eurobonds), reimbursement of state tax indebtedness from the Ukrainian state budget, reduction of work stuff and massive corporate layoffs;
  • Advising the Ukrainian enterprises on the issues of privatization, restructuring and reorganization in the areas of steel, food, oil and gas manufacturing, including a major Russian oil and gas giant and a major Ukrainian food producer;
  • Successful defence of an US-based investment fund in its dispute over privatized shares with the State Property Fund of Ukraine;
  • Advising a major Ukrainian food producer on taxation issues and successful collection of Value Added Tax Credit Receivable in court against the State Tax Administration for the total value of claims of more than Hryvnia equivalent of USD 8 millions;
  • Advising a major Ukrainian food producer on restructuring of the activities of five food manufacturing enterprises;
  • Advising a major European-based cement producer in its acquisition of majority stakes in three Ukrainian cement producers;
  • Advising a major European-based brewing concern in its acquisition of majority stakes in two Ukrainian breweries;
  • Advising major Ukrainian depository institutions on various issues of securities regulation and control issues;
  • Advising Ukrainian issuers on structuring and issuance of foreign currency denominated corporate bond issues;
  • Advising seven Ukrainian issuers on the issue of American Depository Receipts of 1 Level by the Bank of New York;
  • Advising a state institution in connection with the successful restructuring of USD 2.7 billion of outstanding external commercial debt;
  • Advising a major European retail business on labor issues in Ukraine;
  • Advising Ukrainian petrol trader on distribution in Ukraine;