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About the company

History of the company

Initially established as Vasko & Nazarchuk in the end of 2001, our firm was rebranded in 2015 as VASKO Law Offices. As the country’s leading stock market expert, one of our founding partners Mr. Ihor Nazarchuk joined the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine as the Member.

Law firm "VASKO"

Being a member of American Chamber of Commerce and European Business Association for more than a decade, VASKO now is a leading Ukrainian Law Office. We have comprehensive expertise in the fields of banking and finance, securities regulation, investments, taxation, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, litigation and arbitration (dispute resolution), employment, intellectual property, real estate and construction, and other industries and areas, including information technologies and technology transfer, pharmaceuticals, mineral resources, etc.

Professionalism of the team

Based on the deep understanding of business needs of our Clients, the unique expertise of VASKO lawyers makes us able to provide turnkey solutions to high variety of Clients ranging from transnational companies and banks to state authorities, investment funds, foreign representative offices and Ukrainian enterprises. Leading to success, we treat every single project with no compromise to the Client’s need.

Our service is generally focused on:


Who wish to both structure their investment in Ukraine as well as to comply local regulations and maintain positive conduct within Ukrainian business environment given the mentality differences and usual Ukrainian business practices.

Ukrainian business

We also advise Ukrainian business, including banks and investment companies, IT startups, in their successful expansion towards western markets.

Comprehensive advice

We normally can deliver a comprehensive advice in terms of taxation, legal protection and dispute resolution, migration and labour issues, corporate structuring and governance, contract law, possessing actual control over local assets.

As our KEY PROFESSIONALS have western education, we are much aware of the western business regular needs and mentality differences they may run to in Ukraine.

Our Advantages

Individual solution

Our particular feature is the ability to deliver our Clients individually tailored solutions comprehensive to the extent required for them to concentrate on business instead of disputes.

Comprehensive assessment

Where the dispute is inevitable, having strong expertise and success track record we are able to provide for best possible advice and remedies.


The scope of our expertise may be assessed through our.


Reasonable fees

Legal fees for the rendered legal services are normally billed on an hourly rate basis. Such rates may vary depending on type and scope of service required and professionals involved.

Our policy also accommodates fixed fee arrangements where our involvement is limited to regular maintenance (prepaid discounted hours per month), or where certain custom service with known scope is required. However, such policy applies to the prior agreed specific projects and assignments only, and is not normally applied to dispute resolution.

Upon engagement fee, Clients are normally invoiced on the monthly basis.