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Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions

A dynamically developing business is at a certain stage faced with a competition problem (for example, manufacturers of similar products), as well as dependence on suppliers of raw materials or components. An effective way of solving these situations may be to merge with other relevant businesses. In the language of lawyers such deals are called mergers and acquisitions. Returning to the previous example, in the case of a competitor, it is about horizontal merger, and in the case of the supplier – it is vertical.

Typically, the preparation of such transactions shall include a comprehensive legal audit – due diligence. Such an audit should include an analysis of the tax, contractual, judicial, corporate, labor and regulatory aspects of the acquisition target entity, the parties to the transaction and directly the acquisition agreement.

The expertise of Vasko law firm in many fields of law allows us to offer complex and individualized solutions while preparing merger and acquisition agreements. We also offer further corporate and tax structuring, hostile takeover protections strategies, managing labor resources, etc.

Within the framework of the practice of mergers and acquisitions vasko law firm provides the following services:

Due diligence of the merger target company, the parties of the transaction and the MA agreement;

Negotiations at all stages of the merger and acquisition deal;

Corporate and tax structuring of mergers and acquisitions;


Obtaining approvals from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;

Obtaining approvals from the National Commission for the Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine (substantial participation);

Obtaining approvals from the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market (substantial participation);

Obtaining approvals from the National Bank of Ukraine (substantial participation);

Corporate restructuring;

Corporate disputes, etc.

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