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Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution

Any type of litigation or dispute resolution in international arbitration is not normally a regular type of activity for business entities. That is why any conflict often leads to extraction of resources from the core business.

At the same time, a dispute often progresses rapidly, whereas the risk of making a critical mistake in choosing a “wrong lawyer” becomes more obvious. This risk may be critical in terms of the spent resources and the desired outcome. We understand that the client's need is to get a practical result in the predicted period. Our feature, apart from the actual knowledge of how the process works, is the understanding of its essence, as well as the ability to match the essence of the process with the practical need of the client.

In fact, the victory is won far before the battle actually begins. That is why, in the first place, we always pay attention to a detailed analysis of the situation, all the circumstances of the conflict, the commercial essence of the client's business. These are the preconditions for us to offer reasonable and fully practical individual protection strategies for the client.

Leading to Success through a predicted result.

In more than fifteen years of practice, we have gained a successful and unique experience in solving a very wide range of disputes both in terms of subject matter and in terms of the type of parties involved.

Today we are ready to offer our services to resolve the following categories of disputes:

Investment disputes;

Complex multijurisdictional disputes;

Corporate disputes;

Tax and customs disputes;

Disputes in the field of insurance;

Disputes in the field of securities and capital markets;

Labor disputes, including multijurisdictional labor disputes;

Disputes in the field of intellectual property;

Judicial acceptance and enforcement in Ukraine of decisions of international arbitrations, as well as judicial acceptance and enforcement in Ukraine of decisions of foreign courts;

Pre-trial settlement of the disputes, including complex negotiations;

Privatization disputes.

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