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Power and natural resources

Power and natural resources

The energy and natural resources sector is one of the most emerging and prospective in Ukraine. Providing legal advice and legal support in this sector requires both comprehensive legal competence and a thorough knowledge of business processes and technologies; as a multijurisdictional field of business, the industry requires designing and utilization of complex transaction tools. Our advocates bare specific expertise considering the peculiarities of business processes and technologies in this sector, as well as the experience of designing and concluding complex transactions, structuring and drafting financial transactions related to the field development and exploitation, risk management in lending, trade and investment operations, resolution of disputes and receiving compensations.

"Vasko" Law Firm represents the interests of its Clients who work in all sectors of the energy business, including energy producers and suppliers, raw material traders and financing providers. Our advocates also provide legal services regarding qualified legal support in the production and distribution of electricity and heat, natural gas, oil, liquefied gas transportation, generation and distribution of electricity, as well as activities for the development of alternative energy sources.

Among other things, "Vasko" Law Firm offers the following services:

Tax planning and corporate structuring of business;

Advice on antimonopoly and competition legislation;

Designing and implementing production-sharing agreements;

Legal support of financing for energy sector;

Legal support of funding for energy efficient projects;

Securitization of assets in energy and natural resources;

Legal support of activities of energy sector companies;

Resolution of disputes in the spheres of energy and natural resources.

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