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Every business at certain stages of its formation, development, and further functioning occasionally faces need for additional funding. Whether you are considering bank loans or other means of funding, Vasko Law Firm is always ready to offer its Clients comprehensive solutions in structuring funding arrangements.

Our expertise includes servicing some of the very first private and public bond issues in Ukraine, advising leading Western funds on structuring and managing their portfolios, and advising Ukrainian borrowers on attracting and servicing loans from international banking institutions. Vasko Law Firm also bares extensive experience in acquiring and selling Ukrainian banks and financial institutions in the interests of its clients. We continue to improve our practical skills in the legal aspects of the financial industry.

The key advantage of Vasko Law Firm is combining in-depth theoretical knowledge with an extremely wide portfolio of successful projects on attracting and structuring financing, restructuring various types of debts, and managing various financial instruments. We work closely with leading international firms and financial advisers, which allows us to offer the most relevant and proper solutions to our clients with the consideration to the peculiarities of Ukrainian business environment.

We are ready to offer the following services in the field of finance:

Structuring of syndicated loans;

Securitization of assets;

Floatation of debt securities;

Debts restructuring;

Financing trade and investment agreements;

Enforcing security arrangements under financial instruments;

M&A deals in relation to financial institutions and banks;

Regulatory issues;

Wide range of financial and banking instruments related dispute resolution, etc.

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