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Information Technologies

Information Technologies

Ukraine has traditionally been a strong player in the global outsourcing market for IT. Each of us every day uses high-tech devices, most of which operate with the help of software created by Ukrainian IT specialists. In fact, for many years Ukrainian IT market served as a supporting subsource in creating foreign products or infrastructure for their creation.

As a Firm that has been working fruitfully with some of the IT industry's representatives for many years and closely monitoring its development, we are pleased to note that today a class of IT entrepreneurs is formed in Ukraine. These undoubtedly extraordinary people create unique and distinctive products with a high degree of added value. At the same time, in spite of their Ukrainian origin, IT entrepreneurs being a part of global marketplace need to balance within the law and order of different jurisdictions. Moreover, the functional features of IT products itself cover almost all spheres of human activity. When designing a specific functional, one often needs to adapt it to the law governing the relations in the relevant field – from consumer rights protection to the regulation of financial services markets, from accounting rules to the rules for the carriage of certain types of goods, etc.

Along with profound practical knowledge in a very broad variety of industries, our unconditional advantage is the understanding of the outlook of a modern IT entrepreneur, the dynamism of the industry, an orientation towards rational and effective solutions.

“Vasko” Law Firm is ready to offer the following services:

Compliance audit of products (B2B, B2C);

Designing licensing agreements for all types of software products;

Tax and corporate structuring of business;

Advising and support during various types of fund raising;

Structuring of labor relations and other types of interaction with personnel;

Use of foreigners' work;

Structuring merger and acquisition deals.

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