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The share of the agro-industrial sector in the structure of Ukraine's GDP during the last decades is significant. Is should be noticed that the agro-industrial sector has recently been reoriented from the cultivation of raw materials for the food industry to its processing of different depths. These changes certainly benefit not only the agro-industrial sector, but also the economy of Ukraine as a whole. The vector of development of agro-industry raises new challenges to lawyers who traditionally serve this industry. Along with the usual issues of lease of land, leasing of machinery, there is a need for legal support of project financing, construction of processing facilities, introduction of advanced technologies based on external know-how, etc.

The advocates of “Vasko” Law Firm bare comprehensive understanding of the problems of agriculture and the food industry, and have significant experience in servicing the companies in this sector. We provide legal advice and legal assistance to agroholdings, agricultural producers, portfolio and strategic sectoral investors during all stages of the accumulation and consolidation of land banks, production and distribution, as well as land use issues, water and natural resources legislation, environmental protection, trade, lending, state regulation in the sphere of agriculture, counteraction to unfriendly (raider) seizure, etc.

Our services in the food and beverage industry are focused on the needs of producers, processors, distributors and sellers of beverages and food products. “Vasko” Law Firm provides legal services on issues related to state registration, certification and licensing of food and beverages, obtaining veterinary certificates and references, promotion of goods on the market, designing supply contracts, distribution agreements, as well as price formation and public procurement.

The “Vasko” Law Firm provides the following legal assistance and services:

Due diligence of land banks;

Legal support of the consolidation of land banks;

Development and introduction of complex measures against hostile takeovers (anti-raider actions);

Legal support of fund raising;

Legal structuring of export-import operations;

Development of distribution structure, wholesale and retail trade;

Order service