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The Ukrainian film industry progresses rapidly. Film Production is extremely interesting, exciting and multifaceted. Such multifacetedness derives from a large number of people involved in making a film. Among them are producers, authors of the film (Film Director, Screenwriter, Film Music Composer, Art Director, Director of Photography), actors, and other personnel. Renting equipment and locations, catering, etc., should also be considered.

That is why a legal support of the film production includes the drafting and implementing of a wide range of contracts concluded with the creative group, actors and involved personnel, as well as with the relevant contracting organizations, copyright holders.

The VASKO Law Office has significant expertise in providing legal support on all issues arising in the process of film production. We understand both the legal field in which the production, author's team and other participants in the film production work, as well as the essence of the process of filmmaking – from creative aspects to business logic of the production cycle. This provides us with a significant advantage in the legal support of cinema production in comparison to other firms.

Among the services provided by the VASKO Law Office in the field of filmmaking are:

Drafting master contracts of any complexity;

Full legal support of the film production;

Support in registering the production with the State Register of Film Producers and Distributors;

Advising the film producers on tax and other issues;

Advising on intellectual property law.

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