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Debt restructuring

Debt restructuring

Any business is always a balance of debts and receivables. As a matter of practice, at different stages of its life cycle an enterprise may face the impact of negative factors; the latter may lead to the temporary impossibility of servicing its own obligations (insolvency), or to effectively collect receivables due. There are plenty of such factors in modern Ukraine. For example, devaluation of local currency, seasonal fluctuations in demand for products, other factors of changing market conditions, banking system risks and government interference.

However, insolvency itself as a temporary condition is not the final verdict for a proactive businessperson. Vasko law firm expertise in debt restructuring projects allows us to confidently state that today there is a sufficiently wide range of practical and effective tools to overcome the insolvency.

We bare successful practical experience in debt restructuring, while maintaining the balance of interests of both creditors and debtors. Basing our work on an in-depth analysis of the root causes of insolvency in each particular case, we always provide advice primarily in the practical field, taking into account taxation, corporate and judicial aspects.

The services of vasko Law Firm in the area of ​​debt restructuring include:

Negotiations of any scale of complexity on debt restructuring issues;

Transactions with troubled assets and indebtedness;

Designing individual solutions for setoffs, including cross-border and multi-jurisdictional situations, etc.

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