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Intellectual property

Intellectual property


Gustave Flaubert said: "Without ideality, there is no grandeur; without grandeur there is no beauty".

When implemented, ideality becomes an innovation. Nowadays, innovations are more relevant than ever. However, all innovations require due legal protection. Such legal protection may be provided by our associates, specialising in intellectual property matters.

Vasko Law Office advises its clients on a broad range of issues from registration of intellectual property rights to tax and regulatory advice, from litigation to structuring and implementation of cross-border and domestic transactions involving intellectual property.

Attorneys of the firm successfully represent clients before the Ukrainian State Department for Intellectual Property, the Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property (UkrPatent), commercial and administrative courts, courts of general jurisdiction, bodies of internal affairs (police) and prosecution offices. The litigation practice of our firm in intellectual property is especially extensive and includes cancellation/invalidation disputes, unfair competition and unfair trade practice cases.

We are ready to offer the following legal services in the sphere of intellectual property:

Designing individual master agreements in the sphere of intellectual property;

Legal support of transfer of technologies;

Establishment of special privacy and secrecy regime on the enterprise;

Copyright and related rights;

Brand names and trademarks;

Disputes in the field of intellectual property.

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